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I firmly believe that we don’t need lots of ‘things’. Stuff is, after all, just that… Stuff! But I believe the stuff we do have should bring joy, should brighten your day and enhance your space. It should be beautiful and pleasing to the soul.

I work with both stoneware and earthenware clays.
I work on the potter’s wheel and hand build. Both these processes mean that work is individual and even with pieces that are similar in design and shape, variations will occur. To me, this is the beauty of working with clay.

I have two kilns, a big one which takes about 4-5 weeks of working to fill and a smaller one that is used for one off pieces or smaller collections of work. I fire to 1220 degrees centigrade and the process of each firing takes 24 hours, 12 to heat to temperature and 12 hours cool down. Ceramics is not a fast process. From start to finish, most work can take between 4 to 6 weeks.

I mostly use commercial glazes, but do occasionally make my own. I continue to learn and experiment and if I live to be 100 there will still be things to know and try. This is what keeps me motivated and what I love about my medium.

Thank you for your interest. If you have questions or comments or requests please do get in touch via the contact me section here.



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